We are the Rotaract Club of Thane Central

We RCTC­ites are a bunch of young people from a dozen different walks of life; students as well as professionals with our own dreams, aspirations, ideas and beliefs. But what binds us together is our Club and every member’s wish to learn, share, develop and excel. It is under this umbrella of the Rotaract Club of Thane Central, that we discover, rediscover and explore ourselves through every opportunity that comes our way.
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At Rotaract Club of Thane Central, we share a dream to build a better world and better ourselves while we work on that.


Our Community Service starts from our doorsteps and reaches out as far as we wish it to go. Our hardworking RCTCites care about all aspects of the community and work consistently towards helping them.


Everything we set to do, is always, always achieved with great results, thanks to the tenacity that only RCTCites have!


Rotaract Club of Thane Central is one of the oldest clubs in Thane and has been active since 2001. It is sponsored by the Rotary Club of Thane Central.

The club is currently ranked 6th Best Club all over RID 3140 and is led by President Rtr. Neha Patil. The club has a strength of 70+ members.

Our Avenues of Work

Support Functions

Support Functions

Our Support Functions Team helps in spreading the awesome work that we do on all media platforms in the form of Editorials, Newspaper Articles, Online Projects, Promotional Activities etc. This team does a mind blowing job of keeping us in the limelight!

Community Service

Community Service

Community Service is the heart of Rotaract. At Roataract Club of Thane Central, we believe in serving the community from the grassroot levels. Every community service project aims at empowering the people we are helping and making the world a tinsy bit better.

Professional Development

Professional Development

As young adults, we wish to better in all aspects. So, we continuously work to make it happen! The Professional Developmentn Team does projects which bring all round development to rotaractors.



At Rotaract, we bring believe in being active and constantly on the move. The Sports Team brings not only recreation but also, a sense of healthy competition and learning of new and unique sports.

Club Service

Club Service

The projects we do would not be the same had we not had such awesome members! It is absolutely essential that apart from working on projects, members relax and get to know each other.

International Service

International Service

We love to bond and connect with Rotaractors from all over the world! Our International Service Team builds relations with Rotaract clubs all over the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join the Club?

Heard about one of our Club’s projects and liked it? Feel like you want to do something similar? Come, hop onto our brigade! You can join our Club by coming for one of our meetings or projects. You come once, you’ll want to come again. Yes, you’ll ALWAYS be welcome.

What is the age limit?

Though you are never too young or too old for good stuff such as this, you can be a part of our movement if you are anywhere between 16 and 30 years of age. Eligible? Come on, in!

When will I get inducted?

To be a Rotaractor of our Club, you need to attend three of our meetings and one project. Once you complete the criteria, you will be officially inducted as a member of the Rotaract Club of Thane Central.

When and where are the meetings held?

We meet every Friday at Mangala High School, Kopri, Thane at 7:30pm. Do drop by!

What work does the Club do?

Throughout the year, we undertake tonnes of projects in avenues like professional development, community service, sports, club service and international service. Projects involve ample scope for learning, development, growth, sharing, interaction, bonding. It is awesomeness multiplied by ten!

Is there a membership fee?

After induction, every member of the Club pays a monthly amount of Rs 50 as Club Dues and an additional annual amount of Rs 50 as District Dues and that’s it!

Can I get my friends from outside?

We knew you’d want to share this joy to everyone. Of course, you can! We always believe- The more, the merrier!

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Member Spotlight

Kalpita Joshi


Kalpita Joshi is the Club Secretary and manages all the club communication.

Rtr. Neha Patil


Rtr. Neha Patil is the Club President and ably leads the club in planning and execution of all projects.

Some Fun Facts

Facebook Likes
Twitter Followers
Number of Projects in 14-15
Awards in AARA for 13-14

From the RCTC Blog

"Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away."



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Contact Info

  • We meet every Friday, 7:30 pm at Mangala High School, Kopri, Thane(E)
  • +91 8655591445
  • www.facebook.com/rcthanecentral

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